TFT is a newly founded up-and-coming Esports Team and Talent Management Company, aspiring Lifestyle Brand, and a Try-Hard #dothework doctrine of success for true Champions. We are based in Malmö, Sweden.

We are an all-Swedish team that compete in the DOTA2 Pro Circuit; a team consisting of some of the most talented and popular stars from Sweden, with a history of competing for the biggest teams in esports history. Since our iteration in early 2018 we have reached Top 16 in the world, and are ranked 4 in Europe, and no. 1 in the Nordic. The coming season we will reach the absolute top of the world.

Our team have experience from playing active roles in creating the biggest brands in Swedish esports. We draw from that experience, and started a new company to create a better platform for growing talent. We will make our mark and approach the coming seasons by setting new standards for what it means to be a professional team in our time. Our players work out like real athletes and Hollywood stars and follow a strict diet, as well as approach practice with a sophistication totally new to esports. We will be the fittest, coolest and most sophisticated team in the world of esports. 

Come with us if you want to win.



         #TRIBELIFE            #NOBULLSHIT